Endspurt, Einwassern, Wellen Probleme

I wanted to finish in 2 weeks the rest of necessary work until Sagarena comes back in to the water and then sailing back with Andrea to Global Sailing. There was also time to meet up with friends, have a good meal and party in the evenings. What great Parties we enjoyed at the Lighthouse…
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Work+Party 2018/19

I wanted to finish in 2 weeks the necessary work until Sagarena comes back in to the water. Especially problems with Turkish customs have taken up a lot of time. (Solarcells) Also the removal of the old glued solar cells was very time-consuming.The new year brought nice surprises, New Year's Eve started a south storm…
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Antifouling Removal

In some countries there are already Antifouling Restrictions. Also the new Hazardous-good Regulation makes it more difficult to ship the Antifouling.Shipping of 10l Antifouling to Rhodes cost more than the product. I evaluated for a long time and finally I found an antifouling without biocide and copper. Normally, removing the antifouling is a huge effort.…
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Tornado Marmaris Nov. 2018

Yacht Marina Marmaris was hit twice by a tornado. Total of 80 yachts were damaged and 5 of it with a total loss.The entire Jetty suffert with total loss and they have to replace it all. Sagarena defied the storm and showed another time how storm-proof it is.The yacht just next to it, (1m) has…
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